Agile India 2012

Agile Alliance is happy to present Asia’s largest Agile conference. Agile India 2012 is the first Agile Alliance conference to be held outside North America.

Come and join us for three spectacular days in India’s technology hub—Bengaluru. Learn and share your experience in software development and agile adoption with various speakers and attendees from different parts of Asia and around the world. Participate and exchange ideas with researchers and academics from around the world as they showcase the best of international research on Agile software development.

Agile India 2012 will have many sessions on all aspects of agile including agile product management. Learn more at Agile India 2012.

I am actively looking for speakers for the agile product management stage, for any further information, please contact me at:

Hoping to see some of the passionate South African agilists there!