CT-SPIN #112: Cassandra@Mxit

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About the Talk

NoSQL databases have become popular for big data and scalable web applications. They place an emphasis on horizontal scalability, manageable uptime, and lightweight design over relational data layout and full querying capabilities. Cassandra is one of the more popular implementations in this space and is considered the market leader in the column-based architectures.

In this talk I explain the main design principles behind Cassandra and what giving up relational tables, transactions, etc. means for database administrators and application developers. I then show how Mxit has successfully used Cassandra as a core component for their newsfeed implementation.

About the Speaker

Sylvia Dieckmann is a software engineer with a diploma from the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany, and an MSc from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has lived on three continents and has worked for some of the big names in IT, including Google, Sun, and most recently, Mxit. At Mxit she served first as senior software engineer on the backend team and later as development manager on the client team. She is most interested in scalable systems and high performance server applications but has recently found a new hobby in mobile app development.


Bandwidth Barn,
3rd Floor,
Block B,
Woodstock Exchange,
66-68 Albert Road,

Enter  from Williams St (around the back) which is closer to the lift/stairs. Their offices are in the corner of the building by Williams and Station St. There is parking on Station St and Williams St around the venue. Dial 300 on the intercom if the door isn’t open.


Anyone is free to attend. Please RSVP via Meetup.


18:15 Welcoming and Introduction – Chris Oloff
18:25 Cassandra@Mxit – Sylvia Dieckmann
19:25 Closing and Thanks – Chris Oloff
19:30 Networking & Discussion