CT-SPIN #113: Reactive Systems, Microservices and The 12-factor App

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About the Talk

According to the Reactive Manifesto, “Reactive Systems” are auto-scalable and rely on asynchronous message-passing.

A “Microservice Architecture” consists of a set of narrowly focussed, independently deployable, software services.

Finally, “The 12-Factor App” is a methodology for building software-as-a-service and web apps.

We discuss the overlap of these recommendations, and how they relate to cloud computing,  Docker, NoSQL and Node.js.

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About the Speaker

Dr Evan Summers is a Principal Consultant at Saratoga. He is a passionate technologist who has experience in PCI security, Linux virtualisation, PostgreSQL, Java development, NodeJS and NoSQL.

Currently he works with the IOL digital media team at World Wide Creative. Last year they built the “new” IOLmobile site using AngularJS, Java and Node.js. They are currently building a new responsive IOL site using ReactJS, Node and Redis.

On weekends he tinkers on his NodeJS “Redex” messaging project on Github, using the proposed future ES2016 standard for JavaScript.


Bandwidth Barn,
3rd Floor,
Block B,
Woodstock Exchange,
66-68 Albert Road,

Enter  from Williams St (around the back) which is closer to the lift/stairs. Their offices are in the corner of the building by Williams and Station St. There is parking on Station St and Williams St around the venue. Dial 300 on the intercom if the door isn’t open.


Anyone is free to attend. Please RSVP via Meetup.


18:15 Welcoming and Introduction – Jan Pool
18:25 Reactive Systems, Microservices and The 12-factor App – Evan Summers
19:25 Closing and Thanks – Jan Pool
19:30 Networking & Discussion