Closing down of SPIN

Dear Software Professional,

It is with great regret that today the SPIN committee is announcing that SPIN is closing.

When the Software Process Improvement Network events started in Cape Town in 2005, many of the problems it tackled, and discussions that it encouraged, were to solve the “big problems” of software development. With the rise of agile methodologies like scrum, kanban, and extreme programming, software process improvement is better understood than any time in its past.

Cape Town’s software development community has also experienced incredible growth over the last decade, now supporting technical talks for all major (and some niche) software languages and development practices.

All these events focus on “software improvement” in some way. The committee feels that there is no longer a need for talks focusing specifically on software process improvement.

The committee would like to thank all of our sponsors over the years, most notably the Bandwidth Barn for the use of their space, and Polymorph, for the wine each month. And of course you: our attendees and speakers. Without you we wouldn’t have had a community at all.

For those looking for events we highly recommend which has many new and repeating events each month, giving what once only SPIN gave us.

Thanks, again, for all your support.

Regards, The SPIN committee.