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Agile India 2012

Agile Alliance is happy to present Asia’s largest Agile conference. Agile India 2012 is the first Agile Alliance conference to be held outside North America.

Come and join us for three spectacular days in India’s technology hub—Bengaluru. Learn and share your experience in software development and agile adoption with various speakers and attendees from different parts of Asia and around the world. Participate and exchange ideas with researchers and academics from around the world as they showcase the best of international research on Agile software development.

Agile India 2012 will have many sessions on all aspects of agile including agile product management. Learn more at Agile India 2012.

I am actively looking for speakers for the agile product management stage, for any further information, please contact me at:

Hoping to see some of the passionate South African agilists there!

CT-SPIN #71: How to do what you love and get paid for it

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Many people get told that they should do what they love and the money will follow but get disappointed that the money does not follow. As a result many people give up on pursuing what they love or their mission in life. In this talk, Sandras outlines the follow up steps required to do what you love and get paid for it.

Snacks kindly sponsored by Alacrity. Wine kindly sponsored by Yila Consulting.

Wednesday, 21st September 2011, 18h15
Events Room,
5th floor,
Bandwidth Barn,
125 Buitengracht Street,
Cape Town

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A reflection on my past six months at SPIN

The past six months at SPIN has been an enriching experience. I attended my first SPIN meeting about thirteen months ago and was immediately keen to play a greater part of this initiative. The once in a month meetings are after hours, there is really no better place to meet individuals who are passionate about what they do and willing to share their experiences. I saw this as an opportunity to surround myself with passionate people, and I have discovered that this indeed is the case.

SPIN is a great initiative; there is no monetary benefit to anyone involved: the committee members, speakers or members. It simply is about sharing one’s experience with the community at large. What has amazed me is not only the number of attendees but also the broad spectrum of member profiles. There is definitely a strong learning culture here.

SPIN’s primary objective is to:
‘promote transformation via process improvement and by enhancing its member’s skills’

I like the fact that it is not tied into a specific software development methodology or framework. It is simply sharing real life experiences and raising awareness about relevant processes in our ever changing industry.

We have had quite a number of the sponsors who have approached us and offered to sponsor the meetings. I always get excited when this happens, it gives us an indication that we are definitely providing events with value to the community at large. Many thanks to all our awesome sponsors this year.

A special thanks to all the speakers that have spoken this year. We have also had some very keen first time public speakers. We have such a warm crowd that we encourage these speakers to go ahead and use us as a platform.

I would also like to personally thank my fellow committee members. We are all people with busy schedules, but when it comes to preparation time for the monthly event, each one has played his part. It has been such a team effort, and been an awesome experience sharing the last six months with you guys, looking forward to the next six months as well.

Elections for next year’s committee is coming up soon, I encourage anyone who is keen to play an active part of SPIN to elect yourself or recommend someone. I can assure you it will definitely be worth your time and efforts.

CT-SPIN #66: Breaking down silos: Lessons in building better software through collaboration

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Why do we so often see web applications that are visually displeasing, and more importantly, usability nightmares? Why do designers often get stuck being asked to “make the design pop a little more,” with no room or incentive to innovate? Why do some developers feel demotivated and unable to break out of doing things the way they’ve always been done?

Snack kindly sponsored by Twenty57.

Wednesday, 13th April 2011, 18h15
Events Room, 5th floor, Bandwidth Barn
Cape Town

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CT-SPIN #63: Object Oriented Design

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OO is the first development technology that really has the potential to deliver against business needs, i.e., to produce systems that are flexible, robust, reliable, reusable and extendable. There are a range of concepts, ideas, rules, guidelines and patterns to be considered during OO Design. Tony Yunnie from FTI will briefly touch on some of these points and show how they work together to deliver flexible, robust, reliable, reusable and extendable systems.

Snacks kindly sponsored by FTI.

Wednesday, 19th January 2011, 18h15
Bandwidth Barn
Cape Town

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