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CT-SPIN #76: Mobile in the Enterprise

The mobile web is the biggest market on the planet. It differs from the plain old web of your desktop through the profoundly different User Experience (UX). There have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to manage the mobile web – from its early days as WAP, to reformatting proxies, … While the markup / web server side of the mobile web are seemingly simple, the secret to a successful mobile web is being able to think through and manage the user experience and journey of your user.

Korwe software has successfully used two technologies in this regard – State and Workflow.

Dr. David Hislop will elaborate a little more on the mobile landscape, and then demonstrate some interesting and useful (State) SCXML and (Workflow) Activiti features. (This talk will be of interest to Java / Grails programmers).

Presentation slides.

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Snacks and drinks kindly sponsored by Dynamic Visual Technologies
Wine kindly sponsored by Polymorph Systems.

Update – We are back at our old venue
Wednesday, 14 March 2012, 18h15
Events Room,
5th floor
Training Room,
4th floor,
Bandwidth Barn,
125 Buitengracht Street,
Cape Town

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CT-SPIN #70: Your team in light and colour

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Developing software requires both art and craft to create a successful project and to lead a team that excels at what it does. In this talk Stephen Quirke, from StrategyWorks, walks us through the similarities between successful water colours and great teams.

Snacks kindly sponsored by PolymorphSystems. Wine kindly sponsored by Yila Consulting.

Wednesday, 17th August 2011, 18h15
Events Room,
5th floor,
Bandwidth Barn,
125 Buitengracht Street,
Cape Town

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SPINJam – The Agile Toolbox

The first line in the Agile Manifesto reads: we have come to value

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

This is something that we all struggle to understand and implement in our various environments. Developers, managers, product owners, architects, gurus, coaches, mentors and masters all bring a creativity and a differentiating factor to the software that they are involved in producing. On the other hand, the processes and tools provide a supporting back drop to these activities and they help us organize and manage the clutter of day to day activities.

In the inaugural SPINJam event in October we want to explore the tools that you use to support the individuals in your team and organisation. So if you’ve had experience with a set of tools that you’ve come to love or hate please let us know since we are busy putting together a panel focusing on this topic.

The format of the SPINJam will be loosely based on the WIPJam format from the recent AppsWorld conference at the CTICC – we will have a panel of about 4 people together with a facilitator to lead the conversation. We will start the evening with a 5 minute session for each of the panelists to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the tools they have or are using. This will then flow into an open floor discussion lead by the facilitator. The aim is to have a frank and open discussion of tools ranging from your favourite type of whiteboard; through to your best ever bug tracking system; and ranging to your views on source control systems and their pros and cons.

If you are interested in being on the panel or have any additional suggestions please ping us on twitter (@CT_SPIN) or send an email to the committee or the discussion list.

Hope to hear from all you Agilists soon!

CT-SPIN #65: Critical success factors for implementing a Data Warehouse solution

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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing are issues that many companies in South Africa struggle with. Karen van der Walt and Clint Vosloo will provide us with some insight into their implementation of data warehousing at Momentum.

Snacks kindly sponsored by Alacrity.

Slides: Karen’s notes

Wednesday, 16th March 2011, 18h15
Events Room, 5th floor, Bandwidth Barn
Cape Town

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