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CT-SPIN #93 – Object-Oriented Analysis and Design: A lost art?

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Polymorph Systems

In this month’s talk Herman Lintvelt of Polymorph Systems will talk about why he is worried that the drive to roll out software more lean, quicker and more regularly (all good goals in itself), are hurting the software industry in the long run. Agile methodologies do have the side-effect that teams focus only on what is necessary for the current iteration.

It puts pressure on teams to deliver features.

Naive teams tend to see this as an excuse to cut corners, be “pragmatic”, basically meaning they don’t have to analyse and design, they just hack it away, and usually ends up with big problems.

Mature teams tend to apply some good solid OO analysis and design principles, which actually help them deliver better quality software consistently.

In this talk we’ll look at the lost art of OO analysis, especially as applied to the behaviour of a system, and discuss some great OO design principles, including GRASP, DRY, open-closed, ask-don’t-tell. We might even find out why I put “pragmatic” in quotes in the previous paragraph.

Slides from the talk: OO Principles.pdf


Wednesday, 18 September 2013, 18h15
Bandwidth Barn,
3rd Floor,
Block B,
Woodstock Exchange,
66-68 Albert Road,

Enter  from Williams St (around the back) which is closer to the lift/stairs. Their offices are in the corner of the building by Williams and Station St. There is parking on Station St and Williams St around the venue.


Anyone is free to attend. Please RSVP at ctspin93.eventbrite.com.

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