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CT-SPIN #94 – Scrum and the F Word

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In this month’s talk our very own Sheetal Gordhan will talk about Scrum and the F word.

This session was not inspired by Gordon Ramsay. I was recently contemplating my Scrum Journey when I was smacked on the head with the realisation that my Scrum Journey has been sprinkled with the F word. Could the same be said of other people’s scrum journey?

I intend to discuss people’s relationship with the F word. I’ll also explain why I think a Scrum Master should encourage the F word to be used by the team, as well as find creative ways to persuade the business to embrace the F word. I will be sharing some of my insights gained through some serious stressing, grasping at straws, frantic researching as well as some unexpected light bulb moments. I’ll also tell you a little story about how using the F word persuaded a group of grown men to gather and dance!

Come and join me for a lighthearted session full of conversation, questions, and a sharing of some of my ideas and my experiences.

This session may contain scenes of violence and strong language.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013, 18h15
Bandwidth Barn,
3rd Floor,
Block B,
Woodstock Exchange,
66-68 Albert Road,

Enter  from Williams St (around the back) which is closer to the lift/stairs. Their offices are in the corner of the building by Williams and Station St. There is parking on Station St and Williams St around the venue. Dial 300 on the intercom if the door isn’t open.


Anyone is free to attend. Please RSVP at ctspin94.eventbrite.com.

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CT-SPIN #59: Kanban for Software Engineering in a Nutshell

The Kanban principles are nothing new, but applying them in software projects is a relatively recent phenomenon. Jaco van der Merwe, from Electromagnetic Software and Systems, will introduce us to the Kanban principles and explain how they fit into the world of the many software processes around.

Slides: Kanban for Software Engineering in a Nutshell (Part 1)

Wednesday, 18th August 2010, 18h15
Bandwidth Barn
Cape Town

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